(CEO & MD – Roots Development Ltd.)

S. M. Palash, an Engineer in Computer Science & Engineering has developed his expertise in IT activities mostly in exploration of business opportunities for the unprivileged people of the country.

Born in 1979, he has been gifted a sole talent of verifying approaches to humanitarian responses and social injustice from his studentship. He was a front-liner of student journalism in his institution and unveiled many secrets of ongoing corruption’s.

Mr. Palash is two times national Award winner of “National Science Fair” Organized by Ministry of Science & Technology. He is a leading member of international Humanist Movement of Italy in Bangladesh. He is an Executive Body Member of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI), Co-Chairman of Standing Committee on Power, Energy, Utilities, Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Co-Chairman of Standing Committee on Real estate, Housing & Construction, Co-Chairman of Standing Committee on Digitalization of trade body & Co-Chairman of Standing Committee on Disaster Management of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI), Member of Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), Member of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and Bangladesh Development & Environment Forum (BDEF). He is the Vice President -Finance of Bangladesh PABX Association & Barisal Bivagio Jubo Porishad. He is an Executive Member of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Businessmen Association (BMBA). He is the President of Alumni Association of “Amrita Lal Day College, Barisal”.

Now he is playing the role of the Managing Director of Roots It & Telecom Ltd. -a raising Software development and It service providing company in Dhaka & Roots Development Ltd. [RDL] – a prominent and committed construction and developer company in Dhaka, a jointly investment collaboration with American, European sound business immigrants and Bangladeshi well groomed entrepreneurs.

He possesses the quality and restraints to lead RDL’s creation through right dimensions in this field to endeavor than the traditional and full commercial attitude for actual role play for the increasing needs of housing in Dhaka and gradually into the other parts in Bangladesh. The differential policies of quality construction within the time frame, RDL has started its journey for building up secured investment for the Bangladeshi immigrants in abroad and archetypal buyers.

Before the good starts of RDL’s journey, he had achieved adequate knowledge in the practical field of real estate business. He had direct involvement with Roots Properties Ltd. [RPL] as Managing Director & Step Properties Limited [SPL] as Director – two well known developer company in Dhaka. As Managing Director he had large contribution in RPL through fair and professional business plan, policy formulation, action and work involvements in this company, as well as he became really ethical real estate business morale.

Marina Academy Ltd. is a Carrier – Oriented Maritime Academy that strives to be a globally recognized leader in providing the highest quality maritime, engineering, engineering technology and marine science education with facilities and laboratories that are at the leading edge of technological innovation. He is one of the Directors of that Educational institute.

Hotel Sand Beach, A three star standard Hotel and Resort in Kuakata-the daughter of Sea Bangladesh. He is the Chairman of the company.

Nakkatra, a chain Men’s Bangladeshi fashion house is one of the booming fashion houses in Dhaka and plays an important role in the field of textiles & garments. With a corporate philosophy of customer-oriented service and an uncompromising attitude to sell high quality specialized products Nakkatra has become a market leader in this sector. He is the Chairman of that company.

Roots Autos plays an important role in the field of Re-Condition Vehicles and Machineries import and supply in Dhaka. With a corporate customer-oriented service and attitude to sell high quality Vehicles has become a market leader in this sector. He is the Managing Director of that company.

Mr. Palash had a plain business with Milky Way Associate Limited –an import export trading firm in Dhaka in the earlier. The internal and external communication with people through this business was a practical field of gathering knowledge in various sectors of trading. This firm had good marched with modern business policies of the modern rapid growing up business globalization world.

As modern and young educated entrepreneurs, he has the attitude and feels for unprivileged people. He had direct contribution with Health – Net Service Ltd. – a health service oriented (Telemedicine-virtual Hospital) firm. Before and still in mind he has been performing for the people in this sector. This firm had given him opportunity to connection with people and as well as business development encourages from the beginning.