Fire Safety & MEP Division started in 2016, but at that time it was under the banner of Roots Development. After achieving the ISO certificate it starts it operation under their own banner. Now they provide total fire safety solution, which includes fire safety design & approval from the authority. Safety equipment supply and installation & maintenance service according to the international standards. Bangladeshi standards as well as BNBC code. Fire safety has become a mandatory part of every establishment and every concerning persons gives emphasis on those issues. Moreover the Government also gives importance to this sector. And therefore Roots fire and safety provides a total solution and has become the most reliable one stop service provider in Bangladesh.

Area of Service Provided

We provide total fire safety solution according to the Bangladeshi standards and we strictly follow BNBC code. Our highlighted services include:

  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Sprinkler & Standpipe System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Electrical Lay Out Design
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Lightening Protection System
  • Industrial Lighting Solution
  • Busbar Trunking System

Area of Operation

  1. Commercial & Residential Buildings
  2. Indutrial buildings like factories, storehouse etc.
  3. Hospital & other healthcare units.
  4. Entertainment zones, Shopping mall, & multiplex.
  5. Laborotories
  6. Power Plant/LPG Bottling Plant/LNG Terminal

Our objectives

We are committed to improving the fire management system by establishing and implementing defined and declared quality objectives. We meet the requirements of our valuable customers through the following objectives;

  1. International/Country Standard Compliance.
  2. Safe and effective documentation and design.
  3. Submission and Confirming clients requirements.
  4. Construction management and in time compilation.

Policy we followed

Our policy is to provide full support to our clients at the time of safety design, specification preparation, procurement, quality assessment of engineering and industrial products. We also support our clients to have and install Fire Detection and Protection System, Fire Pump, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, Lightning protection system and MV Electrical system, Busbar Trunking System, etc. In short, our policy to make our customer satisfied in every possible area.

Our Pillars

  1. Brig Gen M T Ahmed,PSC(Retd),
    MSc (Protection Management) USA,MBA,MDS
    Senior Consultant, Fire Safety & Disaster Management
  2. Capt. Md.Salehuddin, Master Mariner (UK),
    Associate Fellow Nautical Institution(UK)
    Senior Consultant, Fire Safety
  3. Mejor. S M Muzahid Monir (Retd.), B.Sc Engg (Civil), SCM,MBA,MDS,MSDM,PEng,PMP,PRINC2
    Senior Consultant, Structural Safety
  4. Engr. Sardar Amin, B.Sc Engg (Civil) CUET, FIAB
    Former General Secretary REHAB.
    Senior Consultant , Structural Safety
  5. Md. Zahurul Amin Mia, Deputy Director(Retd),
    Fire Service & Civil Defense, Dhaka
    DMD(Fire Kallayn Trust)Consultant, Fire safety
  6. Md.Badrul Alam, B.Sc Engg (EEE) BUET, FIAB, MBA(IBA)
    Senior Consultant, Fire Safety
  7. Engr. Sarwardy Bhuyan, B.Sc Engg (EEE) DUET, FIAB, Formar AGM (REB/PBS)
    Senior Consultant, Electrical Safety
  8. Engr. Kazi Sarwar E Sakline, B.Sc Engg (EEE), MIAB
    Consultant, Electrical Safety
  9. Engr.Forhad Khaled, B.Sc Engg (ME) DUET, MIAB