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What We Do

RDL never compromises with its quality for secured living and uses Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute [BSTI] approved construction materials as per proper rules and regulations of Rajdhani Unnyan Kartripokhya [RAJUK].

RDL always makes the valued investors assured the hand over of their living project within the scheduled time frame and RDL has engaged a high profiled expert team of architect designer, planner and environment specialists for extra ordinary Archetypal Design.

The mission of building up sound and complete apartment for only two types of buyers: only Bangladeshi immigrants in abroad and conscious buyers.RDL always chooses lands only in prime locations in Dhaka and land size is a great concern for avoiding huge gathering in a living apartment complex.

RDL chooses lands at such a prime location in Dhaka with all type of communication facilities.RDL is the only committed developer company in Bangladesh that the valued buyers in land and in abroad always feel free for their secured investment.

RDL is the only committed developer company in Bangladesh that the valued buyers in land and in abroad always feel free for their secured investment. Competitive price, flexible and affordable payment mode, available loan facilities with minimum interest rate [if needed] are very favorable to our valued clients.

After sale services for utmost satisfaction of the client for peaceful and comfortable living, RDL has adopted practices of ever relations with them. RDL builds your home to generate your roots.


One of the fundamental rights of human being is housing. But regrettably a large number of populations in Bangladesh are still underprivileged of this requirement. One of the main reasons behind this situation the over population of the country. The rapid increasing of the growth is also alarming to deteriorate housing conditions. Even more to the reality is that every year a significant percentage of rural population arrived in Dhaka in order to search for job, study, for employment purpose, business purpose and others. On the other hand the land situation of the Dhaka city is gradually decreasing for many causes and becoming over population loaded.

Some pioneer group of companies started the housing and apartment business in the sense of real estate business in late 1970s in Bangladesh. Step by step during 1980s, very few were directly involved to develop this sector. Passing 1990s, this business has become a huge investing and massive contribution in national economy. It has become the most competitive business in Bangladesh and expanded through out the country.

The Dhaka city is expanding rapidly due to rapid urbanization the shopping activities have increased in different urban areas of the country. The life style of urban people has also changed. Now a days they want to live in a modem but secured place like apartment building. The demand of modern commercial complex and residential apartment is very high in Dhaka City. Besides the sponsors are experienced in similar sectors. Their observation and experiences have inspired them to construct such two types of projects.

In order to meet the housing problem of Dhaka City in particular RDL emerged on 2008. Now near about 1200 Real Estate Developer Companies are engaged in this business. As a result, real estate business in Bangladesh holds much popularity now-a-days. That s why prosper is very is good indeed.

The shortage of affordable dwelling/ commercial place around the world was an immense problem, As Bangladesh is a member of LDC (Least Developed Country) the metropolitan cities housing infrastructure are not preplanned and well established. For this the people have been facing various problem of business/living. After analyzing that the company envisaged to fix up a target market on which it can concentrate. The average earning groups who are mainly the employers of the government organization or NGOs, entrepreneur of small businesses etc are the fixed target clients of RDL. We believe of our strength to meet the expectation of the client.

Business Area

RDL(Roots Development Ltd) is a provider of apartment, shop, office space, rental service and security service for specific client segments. RDL also provides architectural solution for building design and logistic solution for construction.

RDL selected client, sectors include top-level management personnel of national and multinational companies, small business enterprise, government employees, NGOs, distribution and others. RDL segmented the client groups on the basis of social structure. RDL provides its client exclusive apartments, rental service, and security service.

RDL corporate structure, based on its business areas, has been developed and the focus of the company s strategy has been directed to the management of logistic chains and technical information as well as the supply of construction related raw materials.